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Increase Efficiency & Reduce Stress with:

A. Expedite Email: Save 60 Min A Day!

Did you know even power-users underutilize email software?

Reduce stress and learn key skills to:

  • Reset defaults for speedy start-up and clutter-free vision
  • Implement “Only Handle It Once” to quickly and accurately manage your work
  • Access extremely powerful little-known hidden features

B. SmartPhone Savvy: will Save 30 Minutes a Day

SmartPhone smarts – does your team have them? 

Optimize portable productivity by fully utilizing SmartPhone features: 

  • With the push of one button, instantly reply to email
  • Employ timesaving features that most people don’t even know exist
  • Customize your SmartPhone to fit your corporate culture

C. Streamline Space : Save 45 Minutes a Day!

Is your team energized or exhausted by their workspace? 

For peace of mind and optimal output: 

  • Declutter desks to delete distractions
  • Align physical systems with email and mobile management
  • Improve your workspace and enhance your image
  • Replace your “piling” system with a filing system

D. Maximize Meetings: Save 45 min A Day!

Tired of Inefficient, Go Nowhere Meetings? Maximize Meetings Online!

For decision driven meetings, in-person and online:

  • Understand why current meetings derail
  • Identify key steps to implement for immediate improvement
  • Hold meetings people value and want to attend

E. Accomplish Objectives: Save 20 Min A Day!

Is action achieving output or is it unproductive?

Know exactly what habits are helpful and identify ineffective effort:

  • Clearly plan priorities and attain goals
  • Customize work style to fit corporate culture and individual achievement
  • Self-identify items for ongoing improvement

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