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Email Management Costs You 60 Minutes Each Day

Even if you are a power-user, chances are good that you’re underutilizing your email software. In fact, we’re so confident that our Expedite Email training will help you improve your email management that we guarantee you will learn at least 3 new, key skills to save you 60 minutes a day:

Part One

  • Reset defaults for speedy start-up and clutter-free vision
  • Uncover hidden views and advanced features to find what you need without searching
  • Employ “Only Handle It Once” to quickly and accurately process your work
  • Utilize extremely powerful features that you didn’t know existed

Part Two

  • Learn more advanced techniques to exploit the power of Tasks
  • Customize Contacts list for optimal access outside the office
  • Formulate an intuitive filing system to find items fast
  • Address your specific email questions and challenges

SmartPhone Savvy will Save 30 Minutes a Day

Are you running your mobile office, or is your mobile office running you? Learn how to maximize your SmartPhone to augment your mobile productivity and fully utilize the powerful built-in features.

In SmartPhone Savvy learn specific techniques and tricks to regain 30 minutes a day of unproductive time, including how to:

  • Email people with the push of a button
  • Reveal your calendar while talking on the phone
  • Activate shortcuts so you navigate quickly
  • Utilize timesaving features that you don’t even know exist!

Want to Save 45 Minutes a Day? Streamline Your Space.

Is your desk messy? Is your inbox overflowing? Do you need to sift through piles of paper for misplaced documents? Do you leave work feeling exhausted? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need to streamline your space!

In Streamline Your Space, you will learn workspace adjustments that will save you 45 minutes a day, including how to:

  • Declutter your desk and minimize distractions
  • Strategically place your furniture for optimal output
  • Replace your “piling” system with a filing system
  • Improve your workspace and enhance your image
  • Align your physical systems with your email management and mobile systems so they to work together.

Tired of Inefficient, Go Nowhere Meetings? Maximize Meetings Online!

Tired of go nowhere meetings? How about meetings where you don’t have to go anywhere to attend! Learn how to apply proven meeting management techniques to the latest online meeting technology.

In Maximize Meetings Online, you will learn how to maximize interactive meeting forums and regain 30 minutes a day, including:

  • How to set up and organize an effective meeting
  • Understand why your current meetings run over time, wander off track, result in inaction
  • Know what key steps to implement for immediate improvement
  • Plan meetings that focus on discussion and decide clear courses of action
  • How to hold meetings people value and want to attend

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