Do you use these techniques to Maximize Meetings?

Effective meetings don’t just happen by accident; they are designed. That’s why most people dread them because if improperly managed, meetings turn into inefficient time-wasters.

Maximize Meetings and turn time-wasters into decision-drivers

In Maximize Meetings, you will learn how to use proven meeting management techniques to avoid the most common meeting pitfalls:

  • Plan and Prepare – Learn how to plan and prepare for successful, productive meetings and establish core objectives BEFORE you even step in the room.
  • Manage the Clock – Simple techniques for staying within the allocated discussion time and avoiding the dreaded never-ending meeting.
  • Handle the Distractions – What to do when the office chatterbox or constant complainer threatens to derail your meeting, turning productive group-think time into a personal soapbox session.
  • Stay on Track – Learn how to keep meetings on track and focus participants on the current discussion for resolutions and results.
  • Master Follow-up –  Learn how to translate meeting discussions into a tangible action plan and ensure prompt follow-up from participants.

Don’t have the energy to improve your meetings? That’s okay! We can help you turn ineffective interactions into insightful exchanges that energize your employees and elicit enthusiastic action.

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