Take the stress out of your physical office space

Overwhelmed by piles of paper, unopened mail, desktop clutter, and stacks of files? Your physical space is the key to supporting and reinforcing your daily habits. Office clutter not only makes it more difficult to find things, wasting valuable time, but it distracts and causes stresscosting you invaluable mental energy and bottom line profitability.

Streamline Space turns piling systems into filing systems

In Streamline Space, you will learn how to organize your physical workspace to minimize distractions and support mental clarity:

  • Eliminate Paperwork – Streamline your paper flow, eliminating unnecessary steps and easily integrate with electronic systems.
  • Establish Paper Flow – Manage daily paper flow, avoiding paper backlogs and desktop clutter.
  • Transferrable Systems – Establish information management systems for seamless transitions from filing and task systems to mobile management.
  • Intuitive Filing System – Create an intuitive system understood company-wide for naming and filing on both your Outlook and hard drives.
  • Single Filing Systems – Stop taxing your brain remembering multiple filing systems.  A single system will eliminate large files that slow the server down and cost money to host.

Don’t have a desk? That’s okay! We can help you organize your briefcase, vehicle, file box, and computer bag increasing “grab-and-go” and eliminating “stop-and-search”.


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